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Saturday, October 30, 2010


If we would like to produce our own computer related how-to videos, we will need a screen capture program. Normally these can be quite expensive and difficult to learn. But CamStudio is a freeware screen capture program that has many of the features of the commercial programs, but is still quite easy to use. It can help us to record all the activities on the computer screen. Trough this application, we can easily show the video and related notes that will be used in our discussion or teaching programe so that the student can more easily understand the topic that we will teach. this is very usefull application in education system.

Want to know how to use Camstudio, visit this website :

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  1. Camstudio used to be my best partner of making screencast videos. I often need to edit my video, add Flash objects and publish it in Flash, so it is a tough job to Camstudio. Make a balance between cost and features, I go for DemoCreator, and it's the screen recording program I use now.

    I'd like to turn back to Camstudio if it could add more output file formats.